b o t h AW23 Collection “B a / a n c e | A Symphony of the Future” celebrates the beauty of balance through imagining the future. In a chaotic and unpredictable world, b o t h connects the dots and lines through its design, striking a balance between seemingly opposing concepts to express a futuristic harmony through the collection. This season, b o t h continues with its multi-collection concept and combines unexpected textures and materials such as leather, faux fur, nylon, and metal, along with an intriguing palette of pastel, green, blue, off-white and more, to create a truly unique, timeless and distinctive aesthetic.


Work / Life Balance

This season, the spotlight falls on the theme of “Work / Life Balance”, introducing b o t h GAO EVA collection that features the brand’s signature minimalist and fluid style while adopting a versatile design. The lightweight EVA material makes it effortless to seamlessly transition from work to parties, from city to outdoors, allowing it to become the perfect addition to your everyday wardrobe.


Masculine / Feminine

Breaking down gender barriers through its gender-neutral design is another hallmark of b o t h’s brand philosophy. b o t h’s design embodies contrast and consistency all in one. This AW23 collection blurs the idiosyncrasies of “male” and “female” by integrating elements from extreme ends of the spectrum such as military green with cherry blossom pink, leather and hard metal accessories with soft faux fur. Unisex shoe sizes mean wearers are free to choose their own style without conforming to gender norms.

Soft / Hard

The collection also strikes a balance between soft and hard – metal buckles and chains are used on soft calf leather; lightweight knit fabric over sturdy Chelsea boots. Gothic bondage hardware that symbolize power and control are juxtaposed with soft and gentle faux fur.

Through all these contrasting elements, b o t h AW23 Collection “B a / a n c e” captivates the thought-provoking concept of "BOTH" - Balance Of Things. Cut through the chaos, find your own balance and stay true to yourself. Embrace BOTH.


both 2023 Autumn/Winter collection 「B a / a n c e」will be released in July 2023, with a price range between EUR285 and EUR1,045

For press enquiries, please contact press@both.com

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